IC Transformations Services

IC Transformations can offer a wide range of Personal Coaching and Business Improvement services, workshops and seminars and our is approach tailored to the specific needs of you and your business.

Our range of services is detailed below, but please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Personal Coaching and Executive Support

Senior Leader coaching and support to help individual development.

It is important to make space for personal thinking and development. We will work with you in a completely confidential environment to help you assess where you are and realise your own potential.

Why Coaching?

It can be a lonely place at the top of an organisation and many senior executives and leaders miss an outlet for their thoughts, frustrations and concerns. Professional coaching provides a mechanism to address these aspects of life and can provide long term benefit and improvement.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that stimulates thinking and develops new perspectives to unlock potential and maximise the performance of individuals and teams. It is a learning cycle of awareness, reflection and action. We aim to help people learn rather than teach them, by freeing their thought processes to enable them to develop their own options and solutions.

Business Mentoring

We help businesses find routes through the complex series of challenges they face in today’s environment. We will work with teams and individuals to develop operating models, organisational design, business measures and management systems to support growth strategy.

Strategy Development and Execution

The strategy of a company is essential to ensuring a successful business operation. It needs to be reviewed and revised regularly, but it is also essential that there is a programme and resourcing available to support execution.

We have a series of practical, tools and techniques to support both development and execution of strategy.

Transformational Change

The business world is ever changing. The impact of technology and the socio-economic environment continues to change the business environment and to be successful business need to adapt with the changes. But they must also recognise when the time is right for a more fundamental transformational change. We have a wealth of experience on developing and implementing change programmes to deliver improved business output.

Team Development.

Team development is fundamental to creation of a healthy business. Through a variety of tailored workshops, we can help develop the teams in your business. Looking at group dynamics and opportunities to galvanise your teams to focus on the key business drivers to give performance improvement.

Other Services

IC Transformations can offer a wide range of management development programmes, workshops and seminars, including:

  • Board development – increase the effectiveness of your Board
  • Individual career development – focus on individual potential and aspirations
  • Relationship management – key to success in any business environment is the interaction with, and management of, stakeholder groups.
  • Risk management – what are the key risks to your business, both short and long term? Do you have the right mitigation in place? We can help generate risk profiles and risk action plans.
  • Succession planning – develop sustainability in your organisation with succession planning linked to personal development plans aligned to your business's needs.

We have a broad experience of all aspects of business and would be delighted to discuss any area of concern you have in your business. Please contact us for a confidential, no obligation discussion.